Students also learned about Autism. They learned what it was like to try to focus and get something done while all of their senses were fighting for attention. They learned about sensory overload and how to calm themselves. They learned that the next time they see a child throwing a tantrum or moving in a different way (flapping hands or rocking back and forth), it may be because they are suffering on the inside and have a difficult time expressing it.

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 They learned seizures come from the brain. Everyone with a brain can have a seizure, so everyone needs to know the 5-S of Seizure First Aid:

Stop to help, and time the seizure. Turn the person on their Side. Put something Soft under their head. Stay with them. And make sure they are Safe

 They learned to always remember students with seizures need compassion and acceptance – not bullying.

 Students were asked to think about how they would want to be treated if they had a seizure. The students were challenged to follow "The Golden Rule" if anyone has a Seizure.

by Amy Spurgeon Hoffman

A giant walk-thru heart was inflated in the playground of Ladera Ranch

Elementary by the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles so students in 6th grade could learn what it was like to live another person's life who may have limited abilities:

 They learned how it may feel to have their leg mobility/vision limited.

 They were encouraged to go home and ask others to try to imagine how their life would be without their typical limb movements. At home, students can try closing their eyes for an extended period of time to notice what other senses they would need to use.

 The big brain exhibit was to teach children how to care for their brains, and understand that epilepsy comes from the brain and to learn seizure first aid.

 They learned how to care for their brains by doing the following: always wear a helmet when riding a bike, skateboard or other moving object; eat healthy food; get regular sleep; drink lots of water; exercise your brain by doing new things.

Giant Brain Blows Up in Parking Lot